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Idaho - Washington - Montana - Oregon

I-Wash Aircraft is a professional Aircraft Detailing / Cleaning company. We proudly offer our all - inclusive packages and "Above & Beyond" services to General Aviation, Charter, Commercial, Part 145's and FBO's from all variance of airports, airfields and grass / dirt strips in 4 states.

I-Wash Aircraft Ready Crews:

Our industry trained and experienced Ready Crews use only approved aviation products applied with care and attention that cleans, sanitizes and protects the flight deck - cockpit and passenger interior along with cleaners, polishes and waxes reducing dirt buildup and adds a UV protectant to the exterior so you can "Look Great" and "Fly Far".

All - Inclusive Packages:

Since we offer all - inclusive packages, there is no need to "get a quote" or input the aircraft tail number, name, phone number or email I-Wash Aircraft has nothing to upsell, the price you see is the price you pay!

24 / 7 Flexibility.

Having over a decade of aircraft detailing and with our fleet of fully self-contained 4x4 I-Wash Aircraft service vehicles, we have the 24 / 7 flexibility to help keep your aircraft in services without and revenue - producing downtime.

Giving back:

​​We believe in giving back, I-Wash Aircraft donates food in the name of our clients to local food banks for EACH aircraft that is serviced... "Feed The Need"