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Flight Simulator Service

Here is something fun and exciting to do while your aircraft is being detailed here at I-Wash, FREE Flight Simulator Service (FSS). Bring your aircraft to be detailed, sit back and practice VFR takeoffs & landings, hone in on your instrument approaches, SIDS, STARS, sharpen up on RNAV, learn the G1000 or just take a cross country flight to where ever you want! Fly anything from a Cessna 150 all the way to a Boeing 747. Now you can fly anywhere in the world right here at I-Wash Headquarters!

FSS includes external hardware such as...

Flight Yoke
Rudder Pedals

2 Throttle Quadrants

Com Radios
Nav Radios
Switch Panel
3-3x3 LED Instrument Panels
3-7" Pilots Tablets
Tracker IR 5
55" LED Computer Screen

No aircraft for I-Wash to detail NO worries... FSS is offered at an $25 hourly rate.

Reserve FSS Here