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I-Wash Mission Statements...

"Transparency. No Upsells. Doing The Right Thing Matters."

I-Wash is a full service Aircraft Detailing Company (ADC), Our aircraft cleaning/detailing service reaches all variance of airports, airfields and grass/dirt strips.

Mission Statement #1: Transparency. 

Since we only offer 3 all-inclusive, quality service packages without confusion, harassing upselling or hidden fees, there is no need to "get a quote" or input the aircraft tail number, name, phone number or email to see our prices or what I-Wash offers... Put us to the TEST!!!

Mission Statement #2: No Upsells. 

In the US, there are too many ADCs that charges a huge amount of money to detail an aircraft, on top of confusing harassing upsells and hidden fees. I-Wash has nothing to upsell, the price you see is the price you pay!

Mission Statement #3: DTRTM. 

With over a decade of Doing The Right Thing Matters in aircraft detailing experience and our fully self-contained 4x4 I-Wash service vehicles we detail all fabric, brightwork, newly painted, vintage, experimental, light sport, ultra light, glider, hang glider, hot air balloon, single engine, multi engine, jet and helicopter, there is no aircraft off limits.

I-Wash Ready Crews are 24/7 , eliminating any revenue-productive downtime to the aircraft. 

I-Wash works with:

Pilots, dispatchers, aircraft owners, operators, general, charter, corporate, airline, FBO's, A&P's, flying clubs, rentals, air ambulance, cargo, air taxi, aircraft sales and other aviation businesses.

Giving back: Since we believe in "DTRTM", I-Wash donates food in the name of our clients to local food banks for EACH aircraft that is serviced... "Feed The Need"

I-Wash Aircraft Detailing LLC follows the CDC, NBAA & WHO disinfection recommendations on Non-porous, Porous, Electronics, Linens & Clothing.

Aircraft Disinfection and Cleaning Procedures

I-Wash Aircraft Detailing is very pleased to announce that we now are World Health Organization (WHO) certified in "Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection".​

By having this knowledge, training and certificate, I-Wash will bring a new level to aircraft cleaning and disinfection!​

Every aircraft that is serviced by I-Wash will be certified as a clean and disinfected aircraft, the aircraft will receive a hard copy certificate and will be placed in the cockpit.​

I-Wash Aircraft Detailing is now partnered with Decon7®... Starting August 1st 2020, I-Wash will be delivering a new level of disinfection to the Aviation industry!

"When I hear an aircraft startup or fly overhead I... well you know the rest" Cory is oh how do we say this an aviation FREAK! He continues to add up over a decade of aircraft detailing. He has detailed aircrafts for BIG well-known names and companies. Cory donates to 2 food banks for EACH aircraft detailed. "I am proud to serve our community and to give back... wait I hear an airplane!"  

Cory K.

President + DRCM

"I never thought being in the aviation industry would be so intriguing" Tandy brings a new level of detail to a detailing company. For a decade and a half she has worked in the medical field communicating closely with ER's and Doctors. "I find myself craving to help solve the most challenging tasks"

Tandy K.

Administrative Manager + DRCM

"Airplanes are complex and so am I" Tracy has a keen eye for organization. She brings a new perspective that is very rare to aviation. "I need to see things through so that I know that it is done right"

Tracy M.

General Manager + DRCM